Criminal justice reform at Rocky Top

It usually takes a “focusing event” to get students involved on a very important issue. This wasn’t the case on April 7, when Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Tennessee took “Rocky Top” by storm with the activism project Incarceration Nation. Check out the great media coverage our chapter received.

Incarceration Nation is YAL’s spring activism project that has chapters from all across the country participating. The main objective of the project was to bring awareness to the problems of the criminal justice system in the United States. They can say that America is a city upon a hill; however no one can say our justice system is. We have a system in place that puts non-violent criminals in prison for years. The United States incarcerates more people than any country in the world.

In order to be well prepared, chapter members planned for this event two weeks in advance. The day of the event was even better. We started at eight in the morning and ended at roughly four in the afternoon. For two hours rain, thunder, and lighting did not keep us from stopping.

Students and faculty of all backgrounds were delighted that we were taking up such an important issue. The story of Weldon Angelos encouraged students to get more involved in criminal justice reform. Along with the literature about Weldon Angelos, the YAL “Know Your Rights” cards were very popular.

Perhaps the best part of the event was the mugshots people took. The rain didn’t deter anyone from taking their pictures to show support. For more information on how our event went check out our Facebook page.

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