Criminal Justice Reform comes to Macomb!

Are you a criminal? This is what we began asking students as they walked past our table in the student center. Many were taken back by it at first, but many said they were for sure that they were not. This changed after we asked them if they ever drank while being under age or consumed cannabis. 
Incarceration Nation
The best part of the whole event was the fact that many students had no idea that the United States has only five percent of the world’s population but twenty five percent of the prison population, with a majority of them having committed non violent crimes. Many were surprised by this fact and were glad that we were bringing these problems to the light. 
Our follow meeting was a success for our young and growing chapter as we brought in 13 students to learn more about the specific cases that have brought criminal justice reform to forefront of the debate. We screened the short documentary of Weldon Angelos to show how someone can have their life ruined because of mandatory minimums.
We also showed a small portion of John Stossel’s “illegal everything” to showcase that so many laws are on the books that hurt the smallest of people, such as lemonade stands without permits. We could not have done this without the help of Generation Oppourtunity, of course the great people at YAL National and least but not least one of Michigan’s State Chairs Andy Slaven was able to answer any questions we had to run a successful event. We are excited for the future of the chapter and spreading the message of liberty on campus.
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