Criminals advocate for gun-free zones at UNF

Gun- free zones don't help students. They know

Young Americans for Liberty members at University of North Florida took to the campus to aware students on gun-free zone policies. Dressed in full prison outfits and sandwich signs, YAL showed that gun-free zones are counterintuitive. Armed with facts we presented students numbers and statistics on gun- free zones.

Just say no to gun- free zones!

We spend the whole afternoon walking around campus educating students on the facts of gun-free zones. We encountered a very receptive student body that agreed that gun-free zones in fact keep us less safe. Students were interested in knowing more about Young Americans for Liberty since they have never seen a protest in such a way. Along with passing out facts on gun-free zones we also passed out lots of Constitutions, YAL palm cards and SFL’s Why Liberty books. YAL continues to prove that we are the only group on campus that is committed to educating and standing up to liberty, whether economically or personally. 

Criminal with tear drop tattoo asking for more gun- free zones.

Thumbs up for self- defense

Happy YALoween

YAL protest and tabling

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