Critique of Obama Foreign Policy in 5 Minutes

As a college student, one thing that I’ve been discouraged by is the lack of antiwar music. It certainly is out there, but does not come close to what was seen during the Vietnam war era. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of awareness due to our consumption culture, reality TV nation, or lack of a draft. But for whatever the reason, so much music of today is petty garbage more concerned with the latest pair of sneakers or mommy and daddy problems than real world issues.

Lowkey, aka Kareem Dennis, with the help of M-1 of Dead Prez and Black the Ripper offers the most riveting critique of American foreign policy that I have ever heard in song form. In a truly beautiful and dark style, Lowkey holds no punches attacking American militarism gone awry and “Peace President” Obama. An ode to his honesty is the following, “I say things that other rappers won’t say ’cause my mind never close like Guantanamo Bay.”

Additionally, this man is no foreign policy lightweight. From pondering a possible “humanitarian” attack on Syria:

Drones over Pakistan, Yemen and Libya

Is Obama the bomber getting ready for Syria?

…to the Obama administration’s coup attempt in Ecuador: 

Did he defend the war? No! He extended more

He even had the time to attempt a coup in Ecuador

It’s clear that he digs deeper than what the establishment media spoon feeds the rest of society.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of rap. This song, however, blew my mind. It is a must listen.

[Note: some bad language and a cold dose of reality.]

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