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Working Together
3 of our members, working together and having fun.
(left to right: Travis, Katy [me], and Tony)

On Nov. 30, 2012 YAL of California State University-Channel Islands went down to the FoodShare as part of our Choose Charity project.

FoodShare was established in 1983 as a 501c3 non-profit. It is a critical member of Ventura County, providing food and support to the hungry. Due to current economic slump, FoodShare is feeding more than 75,000 people by distributing food to food banks in the area.

All of the food and supplies that FoodShare distributes comes in the form of donations from grocery stores, Target, Walmart, donations from people in the area that are willing to give, as well as numerous other generous donors. As long as the food has not been contaminated in anyway and within Foodshare’s designated “Eat By” date the food is distributed to the 150 different food banks in the county.  

Our job was to sort food from a large container, cans on the belt, other like foods into baskets. Each can was put into a box based on what type of food it was; the basket’d food was done the same. When the box was full, it was weighed and put onto a pallet based on food type.

When all this is done, the pallets are shown to “buyers,” who will stock their shelves for those that need food.

 Tony Sorts Food
Tony grabbing food from the large bin; checking dates and well-fare of food (containers, food itself ect.) before putting it onto the conveyor belt.

Katy Sorting Cans
President Katy working the right (can) side of the conveyor belt.
All in all our experience at Foodshare was not only rewarding but entertaining. We got to work as a group to make a difference in the community. Every member who participated has requested that we continue our work with Foodshare next semester as well as throughout the holiday season.
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