CSUCI Generation of War

Another willing partisipant

YAL at California State University Channel Islands held our Generations of War event on March 25th. We decided that the best way to keep people interested and willing to participate was to have an interactive tabling event that allowed participants to Pin the Drone, Tank, or Soldier on the Warzone. 

Katy (me) Spreading the words of liberty!

Now, although our location is lovely, it was certainly not where we wanted to be for the day. When I got to school a little after ten, I realized that our centralized location, where we usually table (we know there will be good crowds in that area) was taken up by a multi-table, full-scale event by the school.

As chapter president I had applied for tabling space, but never received anything from the school in confirmation. So in the true liberty-loving style (no one is going to tell me what to do anyway), I showed up on the day of our event ready to go only to realize that wasn’t going to happen. So I called the other member of my chapter, who made a few phone calls to student government and we decided that our new location (as seen above) was going to be our best bet.

Although we did have a decent turn out at this location, it was certainly not where we wanted to be. The moral of the story is when you know you have to get tabling space, do it WELL in advance. That way you have no problems and smooth sailing. 

Antoine showing off his knowledge.

All in all our event went smoothly, it was an effective way to show the student on our campus where we have military intervention, and was really easy to set up and work.

Now, remember guys, apply well in advance for the tabling space you want. 

Antoine manning our table!

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