CSUDH does its biggest Flex Your Rights event

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Cal State Dominguez Hills has had a good year so far and continues to shine. Last week on April 14th 2016, we hosted a joint event with the Male Success Alliance on knowing your rights. We talked about the event and submitted the paperwork together in January. We collaborated with each other and came to a conclusion on who we wanted for our event. We decided that the MSA would bring their own speakers for the event and YAL would contribute a speaker of our own. 
The MSA was able to get two law enforcement officials from two departments: The California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department. We got a speaker that we have worked with who is from the law firm of Michael and Associates which works with firearms laws and the National Rifle Association. This offered a law enforcement and legal perspective to the panel. 

We showed a documentary by Flex Your Rights which showed the top 10 rules for dealing with law enforcement whether it is in your car, your home or on the street. The video was very informative and even the panelists agreed to the validity of the film. Afterwards, the panelists began their talk and answered many questions throughout the course of an hour during the two hour event.
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The event was a great success and was overall a good indicator of the ability of our chapter to work with other organizations on campus. We had 23 attendees for the event. Liberty continues to grow on our campus and we are excited for what the future holds for our chapter.  
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