CSUDH YAL Veterans Day Memorial

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Cal State Dominguez Hills decided to have an activism event that was tied to the Veterans Week on our campus. We felt that the best way to honor our veterans was to change our foreign policy. 


We set up a 100 flags on the north lawn of the Student Union with each flag representing 68.5 American soldiers killed in either the Afghan and Iraq Wars from 2001 – 2014. We also highlighted how we are now sending ground soldiers to Syria to help fight issues, which is another continuation of our war policies.


We had the memorial all day from 9 AM – 6 PM and we had thousands of people passing by, who took time out of their day to pay their respects to the fallen which are a result of the failed polices of our government. We were also able to talk to a few people who agreed with what we had to say and we even got them to sign up for our chapter. 


Overall the event went well and it helped to raise some questions about the foreign policy of our country. 

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