CSUF YAL – Days of Discovery and 1st official Spring Meeting!

Last week, Cal State Fullerton held its Days of Discovery where all student organizations were able to set up and recruit new members. As students started wandering the Central Quad according to their interest, our set up for YAL was grouped with the political/social action clubs in front of the Humanities building. Although some students purposely avoid the section, many were willing to participate in the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Days of Discovery

Many admitted that they were simply turned off by politics but completely agreed that we need to stop the labeling and look at issues beyond a black and white perspective. The results showed a concentration of students in between centrist and libertarian, though many leaned left or right. Still, students had no idea you could be a “centrist” or had never heard the term “libertarian” before. Of course, we were glad to inform them and encourage them to sign-up for our club.

After the two days, we added 40 new subscribers to our e-mail list and had a good turnout at our first meeting Monday evening.

First Official Meeting

At our meeting, we gathered around the TSU Underground Fireside Lounge and used the “Intro to YAL” PowerPoint to welcome students. Since our meeting took place after Super Bowl Sunday, we watched Reason TV’s “Top 5 NFL Hits to Taxpayers”. Students were shocked that 94% of the cost ($449.8 million) to build the Paul Brown Stadium for the Cincinnati Bengals was funded by the public, and disgusted at the list of taxes as sources of funding. It definitely lit a fire!

Moving on to business, we elected our Vice-president and Activism Coordinator and promoted some ideas for activism for the month of February. Students are definitely ready for action this Spring Semester.

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