CSUF-YAL Mid Semester Update: Recruiting, Free-Speech, and the Gun Range

This semester our YAL chapter has been extremely active. We got off to a great start tabling with over 15 new students joining the club and many freshman and sophomores taking over leadership roles our seniors had left vacant upon graduating. As such, we have been having tons of group meetings, activism events, and fun activities. 


Our fist major event was our Huge, Gigantic, Massive Free Speech Ball on Constitution Day. We brought out our giant white beach ball to celebrate the students free speech and raise awareness about our club. 

Free speech ball in the quad

While students and faculty were reading all the free speech, YAL members approached them and discussed recent legislation like free-speech zones, college policies and campaign finance laws.

free speech ball up close

ball close up

Another fun event we took part in was a trip to the gun range to enjoy our right to bear arms. Members got to enjoy safe and hands-on training to perfect their sharp shooting. 

gun range group

gun range small

taking aim

YAL members got to practice with handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic rifles. Some got to experience shooting for the first time.


This event proved to be hugely fun and boosted morale as well as promoting our right to self defense. 

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