CSUF YAL Opens up Spring Recruitment!

YAL @ Cal State-Fullerton got out to participate in the biggest club exhibition of the semester. We had a great time engaging and speaking with fellow students about current events and the message of liberty. 

YAL Tabling

We featured the classic Politically Homeless activism kit to help students figure out where they are in the political spectrum. It was incredibly useful in getting students to think about where they stand on issues and how politics isn’t just about right vs. left. It’s about big government vs. limited government, too! 

YAL Table 2

Table 3

We were even able to sign up 40 new students who are interested in joining our organization. Meetings were held later that afternoon and it was no surprise to see some new faces. We followed up with an email to people who signed up and encouraged them to get on our Facebook group page to keep in touch. Over all, it was a very fun and successful two days!

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