CSUF YAL Visualize the Debt Event!

Finishing up the Fall semester, California State University of Fullerton YAL wanted to do a big event. After some round table discussions, we decided that nothing was larger of an issue than the national debt! To accomplish this, CSUF YAL led an aggressive campus chalking campaign in the week leading up to the event. 

CSUF YAL Chalking

CSUF YAL Chalking

Next came the assembly of the debt wall. Nothing quite grabs people’s attention like a 40-foot wall.

CSUF YAL Assembly

After it was all complete, we set up a table to answer questions about the debt and how people can become involved in YAL and make a difference!


We were well received by students and many had already heard of us from previous events. Pretty good considering we are from a campus with 40,000 students and hundreds of clubs! It was refreshing to see people from all sides of the political spectrum come talk to us about the debt, and we were more than happy to educate them on deficit spending and the effects of our national credit getting downgraded.

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