CSUSB Visualize the Debt/O=W activism event

Dateline: California State University, San Bernardino, April 21, 2011.

Things were not looking good for our chapter. YAL’s official “Visualize the Debt” week occurred during our Spring Break. No problem, we thought, we’ll just do it the week before. However the weather had other plans. And so we kept putting off until finally, on April 21, we were able to put up that giant clock for the whole school to see.

People walking by looked at the clock. Some were confused, not knowing what all of these numbers meant. To these people we explained exactly what these numbers were, and, to tie in the debt event with the “O=W” event, we had them take the presidential policy quiz. Once they found out the answers it began to sink in why the debt is so high: both parties continue to spend beyond our means, driving us deeper into debt.

So impressive was our clock that several people stood back to get a picture of it. Reaction to the event was entirely positive. One man came up to us with the school’s logo on his shirt. “No, I can’t ignore it now!” he told us. “I can’t ignore it because you put this big clock up in front of everybody!” At this point I was worried he was going to tell us to take it down or move it, but the he added, “and I want to thank you for putting it up and bringing people’s attention to it. We need more young people like you guys.” We got several contacts for our group and passed out much literature. This event was without a doubt, our most successful yet!

Debt Clock

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