Cue the Cheesy Music – YAL@UCSD Gives Out Fabulous Prizes and a Wake-Up Call to Students

Ladies and Gentlemen WELCOME! WELCOME!

Thank you for joining us on such a fine day as today. We all know what you’re here for, so let’s get down to it: THE! PRICE! IS! WROOOOOONG! For big government.

The rules are fairly simple. I’ll ask our three wonderful contestants questions, ranging from potpourri pop culture to hard hitting current affairs, and we will see who will win our fabulous prizes. But the prizes aren’t just physical. No! They also include a greater understanding of how much the government has done, and continues to do, is simply gone unnoticed by the people of this country.

YAL@UCSD hosted the reYALity Check, and this was the event’s premise — to outline how little the average person tends to know about the day to day operations of the government. We set up three podiums in the center of campus, donned our best cheesy gameshow host attire, bought some prizes from the dollar store, and set out to find out how much people really knew.


And I think that our argument was validated by the results. People knew how many generations of iPhone there are or names of characters from “The Jersey Shore,” but when asked about how much money is spent on state prisoners, or the size of the national debt, they came up short.

I kid you not, when we asked three contestants how many senators made up the U.S. Senate, NONE of them got it right. That’s correct — not one of them knew the number of members of one of the most important legislative bodies in our country.

The experience was enlightening for a lot of people. Many, when told the real answers to questions like “When was the last time the U.S. government formally declared war?” were shocked to hear the answer was World War II. Likewise, questions on the controversial NDAA bill and Federal Reserve raised eyebrows and dropped jaws.

 A Happy Winner!

Over all it was a highly successful event, we generated a lot of buzz on campus and managed to inform a lot of people, not just contestants but those watching the theater unfold as well. Even the local news found our idea interesting, and came out to cover the event (pardon the low-tech video). Their correspondent competed as well, and managed to win a night-light. 


And that is the story of how we went All-Out on Activism this April. Students were hit hard by our reYALity check, and I do think that we made the point clear to them, that the price is ALWAYS wrong for big government.

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