CWRU YAL Constitution Week

Case Western Reserve University YAL started off Constitution Week early, on Friday Sept 14 we sponsored our Film Society’s showing of The Hunger Games. We had a table there, passed out lots and lots of materials, and got to speak before each of the 3 showings to many students. We also painted our school’s Spirit Wall the previous night, writing “It’s not Left vs. Right, It’s the State vs. You” then at the bottom adding “Join YAL; Fight the Capitol.” 

YAL's Painting of CWRU's Spirit Wall

Then, on Monday, we passed out more than 220 Constitutions to students. While supplies lasted, we also included bookmarks with the Bill of Rights on them. As you can see, we added labels to our Constitutions with our meeting time and QR code for our Facebook page. When we ran out of Constitutions, we started handing out other books such as Morality of Capitalism, and informational cards on YAL. The Cleveland newspaper, The Plain Dealer, came by and took pictures of us. While they were unable to fit the story into their paper, they did pass two of their pictures on to us (yes, I know for some reason they only gave us ones that had me in it, I didn’t ask for that). 

Constitution Day 1

Constitution Day 2

Then, on Friday, we had a table at our school’s Community Service Fair. This year, all three political groups were invited and had tables in the center of the fair as part of the election year. Here is David Grzybowski, our Treasurer:


Overall, it was very successful, especially for our publicity on campus!

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