Cyber Wars Becoming a Reality?

China is a little worried  about average citizens having full access to the interwebs:  With cyber security through the roof, the Chinese have extremely limited access to the internet.  Apparently the US government has decided that this is a problem which is ours to fix.

Our government, according to the New York Times, has already attempted to hack into Chinese servers several times before. And with Hillary Clinton’s constant publicizing of her discontent with China’s policy on the internet, it looks like our government is once again trying to interfere with another country’s internal affairs.

There are two main problems with this scenario.  First, the United States needs to recognize the sovereignty of China and the way it wants to operate within its own boundaries. If the United States really wants to “compete” with China or attempt to start China’s gradual decline, all it needs to do is lower taxes on growing businesses and allow the private sector to out-buy China globally. Second, China needs to learn that liberty is always the answer to any problem. If its society was free to begin with, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.

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