Cypress College Spring 2014 Review

Our YAL chapter at Cypress College definitely had a busy and productive semester.  Early in the semester, chapter members actively helped tabled and recruit members.  With the revamped World’s Smallest Political Quiz, we were able to engage and converse with students who never knew they were conservatives/libertarians (ideologically) before taking the quiz.  

Additionally, two of our members also attended the Leadership Institute’s exclusive Student Activism Conference in Los Angeles. There, our members received valuable activism, media, and leadership training.  At the conference, one of our members won an activism grant from LI that eventually helped fund our Increase Diversity Bake Sale event.

Amid new leadership transitions at Cypress College, we hope YAL will expand to greater accomplishments and attain more success in the few months to come.  Chapter officers have already began planning for the fall semester and are excited for new opportunities and future events to come!

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