David Boaz Wins School Choice Debate at the Penn Political Union at the University of Pennsylvania

On Thursday, April 12, a very special visitor came to the University of Pennsylvania. In a joint event with the Penn Political Union and Students for Liberty, Penn’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty brought David Boaz, the executive vice president of the Cato Institute, to debate a team of three student debaters. The Union session’s resolution was “US States should enact education reform centered around school choice.”

More than fifty students came to observe and ask questions in the debate. A booth with information about YAL was set up and many took fliers with information and the date of our follow-up meeting (the last meeting of the semester). After the debate, we moved into voting, with the majority siding with the proposition represented by Boaz – a testament to both the force of the necessity of education choice and the brilliant debating by Boaz. Afterwards, Boaz was interviewed for the Penn Political Review, Penn’s preeminent political journal.

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