David Friedman at the University of Nevada, Reno

By partnering with Generation Opportunity we were able to organize an event hosting David D. Friedman as a guest speaker with an audience of 50 students! David Friedman is an American economist, physicist, author and legal scholar. He is the son of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman.

It truly is a rare thing for students to get to learn from a brilliant mind and get not-so-intuitive economic and libertarian concepts explained in a way that makes sense, as only someone as knowledgeable, experienced, and wise as Friedman can do. We were so pleased to help provide the opportunity to listen to what he knows and to pick his brain to our student body and members. The students asked great questions and David did a great job answering them. We got excellent feedback from the event attendees who hold many different majors on campus. Liberty is attractive to all. 🙂


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