Davidson College’s First Meeting

The pro-liberty movement at Davidson College is very slow but hopefully will grow in the future. We had 6 people added to our email list and and a total of about 10 come ask us questions. Many of them were ultra-progressive female students who had issues with tax cuts and other economically conservative principles. However, the students seemed partially engaged and asked decent questions. We ordered 5 pizzas, and on average about half of each was consumed in the 58 minutes that we tabled.

I am really impressed with the YAL activism materials/swag that were sent to us. We received fun posters, pocket Constitutions, a recruitment clipboard, stickers, pamphlets, and some other great free things that all go along with the message of liberty. Perhaps we could figure out how to distribute these on campus so that they are more effectively received by students. Overall, while we did have a small amount of interest, we have a ton of work to do and will need official YAL staff to help us grow this chapter. I might be able to secure 1-3 students to attend the Atlanta summit next Saturday.

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