Day One at UTSA

Today I and the vice president of the YAL chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio conducted our first tabling event using the supplies provided to us in the activism kit that was sent from YAL. I tabled in front of the humanities building, a high traffic area on campus, at 10:00 AM and continued to table until approximately 2:00 PM.

During the tabling event I emphasized the importance of knowing one’s rights during interaction with law enforcement and I had the opportunity to converse with individuals who both support and criticize law enforcement methods and activity, especially recent activity relating to officer involved shootings that have occurred in North Carolina and Oklahoma. I myself usually find myself siding with law enforcement, as I am very familiar with police training and tactics as a result of being involved in the police explorer program in San Antonio several years ago.

After engaging in intellectual conversation with numerous individuals, including a radical leftist who refused to acknowledge any of my points regarding an unrelated topic, I had a total of eleven individuals sign up to attend our chapter’s first meeting which will be held on Tuesday, September 27. Tuesday’s meeting will involve me giving a brief presentation on law enforcement techniques and the rights that an individual possesses when interacting with law enforcement personnel.

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