Daytona chapter: Operation STARTUP

New to the YAL family, the Daytona State College chapter has begun to make steady progress; lead by John Junco (chapter president) and Liam Tirney (vice president) we have hosted two main events as well as attend our first state convention at Auburn University. Liberty stands strong in our chapter and opening the eyes of other students and youth at Daytona State of their own liberty is our goal.

One way we brought this across to students was by hosting a political testing event where we asked to have moment of student’s time to take an online test to show them what party they stood with based on their social and fiscal views. In doing this, many students were surprised by their results and even more intrigued to hear about what our YAL chapter had to offer.

Now YAL is a fast growing community and here at the Daytona chapter we push to keep this trend going. For example, we hosted a public “Spring Break Safety” event where we educated individuals on the dangers of jellyfish because there is a large population of them at our beaches. Not only did this intrigue listeners, but it also gave us the opportunity to share with them what organization we are with and what we are about to gain new members!

Through freedom and the voice of unity, liberty rings and our goal here at the Daytona State chapter is to ensure we continue to make Liberty ring.

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