Death Row Advocacy at Regent Univeristy

April 25th is an important day to many people. 

On April 25th, 1867, Tokyo Japan was opened to foreign trade after centuries of isolation.

On April 25th, 1933, US & Canada dropped the gold standard. 

On April 25th, 2017, Virginia is set to execute an innocent man.

Ivan Teleguz is accused of hiring a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend in 2001. The evidence is based upon the testimony of three different witnesses. 

Recently, 2 of the 3 witnesses have recanted their testimony and the other witness, is the actual murderer who would face death penalty himself if he did not testify that Ivan hired him.

Governor McAuliffe will be considering granting him clemency on Tuesday, April 18th. I organized a group of students that decided not to be passive as an innocent man sat on death row, but take action. Students hosted a table in the Student Lounge urging students to consider the facts of the case and call Governor McAuliffe to grant Ivan clemency. Some members even went into the dorms to talk with other peers to urge them to take action as well. Near the end of the event, the staffers at the governor’s office predicted that the calls would be about Ivan. 

Students at Regent University eagerly await Tuesday, April 18th to see if the governor will grant Ivan clemency. Whatever the governor chooses, we know that we took action when it was needed the most.

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