Debate at Valencia Community College

This February, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Valencia Community College hosted a debate between our advisor, economics professor Jack Chambless, and socialist biology professor Dr. Lindbeck. We had a great turnout and added around 75 people to our e-mail list.

“Allowing people to be free, allowing people to own property, taxing them little, regulating them little: that’s where we see prosperity abound,” Chambless said.

Professor Chambless talking about economic freedom in different countries

Lindbeck’s opinion of capitalism was equally clear: “Capitalism can become a weapon to be used by those who have, to keep down those who have not.”  

Professor Lindbeck laying out his argument

The central question of the debate was “Is Capitalism Evil?” Among other things, they discussed the efficiency of the private sector versus the government, crony capitalism, legal plunder, the definition of “exploitation,” and the implications of Australia’s economic freedom ranking. When we offered the opportunity for students to ask questions, we got a lot of participation.

We’re excited about what the future holds for our chapter! We’re hoping for many more successful events in the coming weeks.

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