Debt and Pizza: What America was Built on

This Thursday Capital University got its first taste of YAL style lawn activism. We staked out some prime real estate in front of our student union building pretty early in the morning. With the help of some local liberty group and some of our newest members we were able to set up quite the spread. With this particular event we strived to make our campus more aware of the issues surrounding the national debt.  

In order to illustrate the insane size of the debt we handed out slices of pizza on plates under with everyone’s personal “slice” of the debt written in marker. Thanks to the generous funding of our sponsors we were able to give out pizza to all the students who stopped by during the entirety of the event. While the pizza was a hit, most people reported feeling “too sick to eat” after realizing their personal share of the debt. 

One of the more engaging programs we set up was a pong off the debt game. The game consisted of large red containers labeled with different wasteful government programs that contribute to deficit spending with the goal being for students to land a ball in each bucket and knock out the program. Debt Pong was so popular that a line of students formed to get in on the action. 

Knock them out

In addition to addressing the national debt we handed out literature that addressed the consequences of government policy on student debt. Our message spread across campus so quickly that within the first hour of us being set up an administration official from the Financial Aid Office came and gave us more literature and swag to give to students that covered how to pay for college without federal aid. 

 Growing Crowd

The event was by and far a success and helped us further establish ourselves on campus.  As a relatively new organization it was a boon to morale to have such a great turn out and having university officials come out and support our message. With any luck this event will be the start of a long and fruitful tradition of outdoor activism on Capital’s campus.

The Goods

Ponging off the debt

Our Set up

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