Debt Pong @ Cal State-Sacramento

Amy and Ben Grabbing Attention

April 22 and 23 were exceptional days on the campus of California State University- Sacramento! With the YAL crew out exposing the War On Youth, the college was out promoting their annual student body elections with an expensive trampoline, giant balloon attractions, and tons of taxpayer and tuition funded “free stuff.”

Visions Blocked

What did YAL do? Put up our debt calculation banner on the lawn right next to them. And if that weren’t enough, we played Debt Pong, blocking the student’s goals and ambitions with the stiff and invasive (yet soooo friendly and welcoming) face of dream-thwarting regulation. 

Many students walked by and complained of the “blatant disrespect” to our president as we used a giant cardboard cut out of his face to block the balls. Most of them felt compelled to come up to us and defend him; but conversation quickly was diverted to the reality of his spending, and how it affects each and every one of us students. 

Many students stopped to looked at the debt calculator banner and acknowledged that they had no idea how much each one of us owes. Many of the newly infuriated students were happy to attempt to take the edge off with a game of Debt Pong, only to find out that their future is even further blocked than they realized. Everyone who played was rewarded with a YAL pocket Constitution. 

It was an excellent two days with one of our highest sign-up totals. Several new members came to the following meeting!

Getting Ready For Debut (Charlie 9, Clay 6)

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