Debunking myths about net neutrality

There’s been a lot of talk about net neutrality in the news lately, but frankly a lot of the dialogue goes right over most of our heads. So I was glad to see that Tech Freedom has put together a useful website called DontBreakThe.Net, where they compile information about what “net neutrality” is and why, in their opinion, we should oppose it.

DontBreakThe.Net includes eight “myths” about net neutrality, and then goes on to debunk each. Take a look:

Net Neutrality

Beyond the “8 myths” you’ll also find a wealth of information about what “net neutrality” is, what leading experts have to say, and what our future would look like under a heavily regulated internet.

I’d wager that just about everyone reading this post uses the Internet on a daily — if not hourly — basis, so it’s important to inform ourselves about this debate. To that end, I’d strongly encourage everyone to take a look at DontBreakThe.Net and learn more about the activities of Tech Freedom. Even if you don’t take their side, you’ll leave knowing a lot more about the internet — and its regulation — than you did before.

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