Deep web at MSU

Bozeman YAL chapter had a fantastic time screening “Deep Web.” The event boosted morale in the chapter and brought in new members. We learned so much through the documentary.

As the title implies the movie is a comprehensive documentary about the obscure deep web. We learned all about the government corruption and their politics of the drug war.

We had three new members for this event, and for such a small and growing chapter this was a great turn out. After the movie, we had some amazing conversation, with our new members, about government and its role in our lives. Also, we had some amazing conversations about deep web. I think this was a rather informative, yet grasping documentary; which created some excellent talking points for later discussions.

Overall the event seemed like a success. We had some new members show up, everyone learned a little more about the deep web, and this was an excellent opportunity to try and make some new connections.

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