Deep Web – Carthage College

On September 27th, Carthage College participated in YAL’s national screening of Deep Web and live Q&A. We ran into an immediate obstacle in having difficulties with finding an open room during the scheduled time, but we managed to pull a good event together in relatively short notice. Another member and I tabled in an on-campus coffee shop for 6 hours the day before the event, and we printed out about a dozen flyers and distributed them around campus. We did not request an activism kit, but we used the leftover materials from our first tabling event as well as more of the same flyers. I also emailed and sent a Facebook message to everyone who signed up from the org fair tabling event at the beginning of the month about the Deep Web screening.

Despite our initial issues and the short time in which we worked, we managed to successfully reserve one of the library’s media theaters. We had a pretty good turnout as well, about 25 people were there in total, with some leaving early or arriving late. Some of these people were individuals that were interested in YAL but were so far unable to attend any meetings due to other commitments. In addition, we managed to attract a number of people that didn’t attend the org fair. I asked the newcomers to put their contact information on a sign-up sheet before leaving, and I believe that all but one of them did. Response to the film was highly enthusiastic from everyone I’ve heard from.

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