Defend America?……Why Not?

Doug Bandow, a former policy specialist in the Reagan Administration, has an excellent post over at the Campaign for Liberty blog.  His critique of the bipartisan foreign policy consensus that American global domination is the ultimate good for the world at large is a warning that every American needs to take heed of.

The greatest sacrilege in American politics is to not support America’s soldiers who are supposedly defending “freedom” in the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This is, of course, ridiculous.  Supporting the troops who, for the most part, are simply doing a dangerous job that they volunteered for is one thing; criticizing bad policies that put those same troops in harm’s way for objectives that have not one thing to do with America’s “freedom” is a completely different story.  Military force should be the policy of last resort, but in America today it has become option #1 – making the country, as well as the troops war supporters claim to revere, in a much more precarious position.

Bandow also bursts the bubble of those who would claim that American “isolationism” would show callous indifference to the rest of the world.  He says,

“Advocates of promiscuous intervention abroad talk as if Washington has no choice but to police the globe.  That’s nonsense, of course.  America’s very power and influence allow it to react with benign detachment to most events overseas.  That doesn’t mean Americans need be indifferent to tragedy overseas—ordinary people have been organizing and contributing to help the hungry, sick, and victims of war for decades.  But the U.S. government’s duty is far narrower:  providing for the common defense, as authorized by the Constitution.

This isn’t ‘isolationism,’ the usual swear word tossed by those who demand that Washington routinely visit death and destruction upon one country or another.  Rather, it is non-intervention, a policy that limits the U.S. government’s political demands and military assaults on other nations while encouraging Americans to interact peacefully with the rest of the world.  It is a policy that rests on the belief that war is always a last resort and never a matter of choice.”

You can read the entire post here.

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