Defend the Constitution at Lake Forest College

On Tuesday March 7th, the Lake Forest College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held its first Constitution Quiz. The quiz consisted of ten simple questions about the Constitution and the students had to pick the best answer. Many of the questions had to do with the important liberties that students are guaranteed. If the student got most of the questions correct, then they got a piece of Snickers candy.

The average score was a five out of ten, with the highest being a perfect score. Fortunately, even students who claimed to know nothing about the Constitution managed to get some of the questions correct, with the lowest score being a two out of ten. The event lasted about an hour and a half in our high-traffic Student Center, and all in all around 20 different students participated in the quiz. In addition to doing the quiz, our chapter handed out copies of the Constitution and 8 new members signed up.

A lot of students got engaged, even those who didn’t have an interest in politics, and some even thanked us for quizzing them on the Constitution since it helped them in their U.S. Government class. The event turned out to be a very successful!

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