Defend the Constitution – Missouri State University

Last Monday, September 18th, we at Missouri State wanted to honor the Constitution as the preceding day, the 17th, was Constitution Day. To do this we made a giant constitution (or rather just a giant preamble) and set up in one of the busier spots on campus to ask students to sign our giant document. Along with this we handed out well over 100 constitutions and had those who came up to sign take a quick ten question quiz about the Constitution. We had those who took the quiz write down their contact info to be entered into a drawing of a 20 dollar gift card of their choice.

Thus we received over 50 of our peer’s contact info and had even more sign our giant Constitution. It was a very successful event as we got media, by getting interviewed and being put in the school’s paper, the Standard. Not only that, but the woman who runs MSU’s “Public Affairs” approached us and wrote us down for having helped honor constitution day and participating Public Affairs week. Not only that she wanted us for next year to help out with the Constitution day event and possibly help select speakers! All in all it was one of our most successful events and I am very pleased we decided to coordinate the event when we did!

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