Defend the Constitution!

Defend the Constitution!

Tuesday, September 19th, Young Americans for Liberty at Vincennes University held a Defend the Constitution event at the Jefferson Student Union. We had the YAL pocket Constitutions, the handouts, and the intention of testing our fellow Trailblazers on their knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights! It surely was an enlightening event!

Many were reluctant and hesitated to take the test but were surprised to find out they knew more than they thought! Maybe falling short on exact wording or names of things or key phrases but it was apparent they had some idea! We were happy to fill in the blanks and some of the more experienced and knowledgeable students even answered some of the hardest questions we could come up with!

 In the end we were happy to educate our fellow students, hand out some Constitutions and inspire great conversations about our founding documents and how they apply today! We look forward to more great activism and making liberty win!

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