‘Defender of the Constitution,’ my butt!

CPAC 2011’s Defender of the Constitution award goes to…Donald Rumsfeld?  What?!

This award should only go to those who make their lives an example of respect and reverence for our nation’s supreme law of the land.  Rumsfeld has hardly lived up to this standard, and has at times worked as an agent of persecution of the unalienable liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. His participation and support of the suspension of Habeas Corpus and his aid in allowing the executive authority of the president to exercise arbitrary power in declaring anyone to be an enemy combatant and subject to detainment without due process is one of the grossest injustices against the Constitution in recent years.

Rumsfeld’s aid in these endeavors has granted unprecedented powers to the executive arm of government and diminished the humanity of citizens. Any true Defender of the Constitution would not have aided in this sacrifice of basic principle, morality, and rights.

There is as much shame to be cast on those who believe that such a militant supporter of the expansion of executive powers and warfare should be declared a defender of the Constitution. Indeed, it is difficult to understand how anyone could forget that Rumsfeld helped lead the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq and authorized civilian contractors to utilize torture techniques on Abu Ghraib detainees. There are few candidates less fit for this honor than Donald Rumsfeld.

Those of us who love liberty and the Constitution should demand that he refuse this honor.  Enough is enough!  We must not sit back and allow the Constitution to be muddied by such atrocious acts against good conscience.

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