Defending the 4th Amendment at Coastal Carolina University

For the second day of Constitution Week at CCU, we defended the Fourth Amendment!

Unfortunately, Kara and I were the only members who could be there for the whole day, along with AnnaMaria from the Leadership Institute. To make up for that, I bothered a few of my friends to help us out. Thank you Rachel and Kaitlyn!

Since Kara and I are both rather socially awkward people, this event was pretty awkward to say the least. The first few times we were told that it was even more awkward to watch. We still got a lot more sign-ups from it, though, so I consider it a success.

Of course, our lack of people led to a lack of cameramen, so what we lack in pictures we make up for in terrible videos. Part of what makes them so terrible is that someone (Daniel) didn’t record the “stalking” part and only recorded the part where we were talking to them. We were also going to dress up like the NSA in nicer clothes, but it was too hot outside (we’re wimps), so we didn’t. We did get to borrow a microphone, a boom, and a cord from the auditorium that Daniel and I work at, so we had all real equipment to make it seem more legit. I think that made up for the clothing issue.

It was really surprising how many people had never even heard of the NSA. About 1/3 of the people we talked to had no idea what the NSA is, let alone what they are doing. Another 1/3 of the people we talked to just didn’t care. They said they didn’t need privacy if it could make the world safer for someone else. Out of the 1/3 of people left, 1/2 of them ignored us or got pissed off at our attempt to talk to them and 1/2 of them agreed that the NSA is scary. One staff member that we know told us he worked for the NSA for 20 years.

We were kind of sad that we didn’t get very many good reactions to our “NSA” stalking people either. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time!

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