Defending the 4th Amendment at University of Utah!

For Constitution week 2013, YAL @ University of Utah got out on campus to defend the 4th Amendment!


With all the recent revelations about the NSA and domestic spying, YAL @ U of U just could not stand idle while the Constitution gets torn to pieces by our federal government. We decided the best way to protect the Constitution and make our voices heard was to get students to sign a petition saying “NO to the NSA!” As it turns out, lots of students felt similarly to us. Many students stopped by and talked to us about the NSA. The overwhelming sentiment was that students disapproved of mass domestic surveillance by the federal government. So much so, that in a mere 3 hours, we managed to get over 140 signatures on our petition!


I had the privilege of being our local friendly NSA agent snooping around with the boom mic.


Anyone who didn’t want to sign our petition got followed since apparently they didn’t mind their privacy being violated.



Our two new members, Lexy and John, really hustled to get students to sign our petition.


Every student who signed our petition got a pocket Constitution and a list of tips on how to avoid spying while using a phone or browsing the internet. We also had a handful of students who were also interested in joining YAL and participating in future activism events. Overall, we had a very successful day with 140 signatures on the petition, new members signing up for the club, and a ton of pocket Constitutions handed out.

It was a good day for liberty!

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