Deficit Climbs to $1.3 Trillion

More signs that the Federal Government is spending us down the drain as the deficit has already reached $1.3 Trillion in only 7 months.

From the AFP:

The US budget deficit reached 1.3 trillion dollars for the current fiscal year in July, official data showed, news set to fuel opposition to US President Barack Obama’s ambitious health care and climate change proposals.

The deficit for the first 10 months of fiscal year 2009, which began October 1, reached 1.3 trillion dollars, close to 880 billion dollars greater than the deficit recorded through July 2008, said the US Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The article is right…this will fuel more opposition to government ran health care because this country can’t afford to pay for it — or any thing for that matter.

They just keep taking us down this road and the ordinary folk outside of Washington see the disaster ahead.

The R3VOLUTION might be starting!

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