Deficit Reduction Commission…Is Bailed Out

I kid you not.

I wish this was a joke:  As the Daily Caller reported today, our government has become so ironic that the very entity responsible for reducing the federal government’s national deficit has been…bailed out.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid indicated in a May 28 letter that the commission had complained to him about inadequate resources. Commission members griped they didn’t have enough money to hold hearings around the country, according to a report by Tax Analysts, a non-profit website.

But now the commission’s executive director, Bruce Reed, says its budget issues have been resolved, thanks to help from the White House.  Reed, a former top aide to then-President Bill Clinton, says the administration dispatched 10-15 aides from the Treasury Department and several other agencies to meet the commission’s needs.

Only can reality be so strange. Only in America, the land of the “free” and the home of the bailed out. 

The amount of money is but a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of federal spending; but I tell you what, this sort of thing has to stop someday before the joke becomes complete bankruptcy of everything American.

Read the rest of the tragically ironic Daly Caller article here

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