Delaware DOT Keeps Kids Safe from Basketball

Sounds a bit like an Onion headline, doesn’t it? Every now and again there are instances of an overly intrusive government that defy logic and demand greater context. This video below is an interview with a resident of a Delaware town concerning the removal of basketball hoops in his neighborhood. Why the Delaware Department of Transportation is seizing private property is beyond me. Watch the video embedded below, and read on. 

This may seem a bit personal, but I promise you there is a point. It’s a point which has been simmering in my brain for a long time. My perspective on politics and the role of government underwent a massive change during Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential run in 2008, as it did for many of us. During this time of change I heard and considered many voices, including some those in traditional media would call “fringe” or “conspiracy nuts.” Over time, I learned how to filter out truth from fiction. Journalism with integrity and truth, in new and old media, is something that is hard to find.  

Many have been duped into thinking that government is a force for good, the provider and defender of those who cannot defend themselves, a force for social justice that can’t be bothered with old notions like “following the Constitution.”

Indeed, some might read that paragraph and assume instantly that I am heartless. What they do not understand is that I have no wish for chaos or letting the poor suffer. What I am for is a government that truly serves the people. A government that respects the Constitution. A government that protects life, liberty, and property. 

The point I am trying to make is that if you really want to know who is to blame for the massive increase in government in your lifetime, you need not look further than down the block. Though one can debate that most have been lead into this false way of thinking through public education, as well as the mainstream media, we all still possess free will and can blame no one but ourselves for our actions. The big government that we are all fighting is the result of a lie that many have never questioned. Many of them will never question the lie as long as they live. 

Many will not ever realize they helped contribute to the rise modern statism. I write such an article with a video like this to reveal another lie that has permeated many a society:  the idea that legal power is the same as being right. Laws do not make a man, or woman, right in their actions. I’m sure many of us could list off a lot of laws that are in violation of the Constitution and basic morality.

This article was written with the intent to spur your mind to things you may not have considered. How far does this statism we are fighting extend? Does it extend to your hometown? Does it extend to your state? We write on this and other sites about issues of national importance, issues that are very real threats to our freedom, and deserve the attention they are getting.

My point is you probably do not have to go very far to fight the police state we rail so much against. Take an interest in your local politics. Be aware of what’s going on in your community and your state. Too often I have been guilty of this myself — being unaware of my state’s issues that are affecting my freedoms locally. Let’s be as determined in our defense of liberty locally as we do with issues that affect us nationally. 

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