DeMint vs. Chicken Little

Senator Jim DeMint calls out Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for playing “chicken little” in the debt ceiling debate in an attempt to force a quick agreement:

“There certainly would be disruption, but DeMint: Geithner is playing "Chicken Little"this is not a deadline that we should rush and make a bad deal,” DeMint said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Secretary Geithner has been irresponsible. He’s playing Chicken Little here. The fact is that we will pay our debts if it’s the last dollar we have. … We’re not going to default.”

The truth is, the United States collects enough revenue to keep paying the interest on the national debt, and therefore can avoid a default even without raising the debt ceiling.

What’s more important is not whether a deal is reached quickly, but what the terms are of such an agreement. DeMint, along with Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul, says it’s time to “Cut, Cap, and Balance.”

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