Democrats Seek to Use BP Oil Spill to Pass (BP) Climate Bill

The opening paragraph of this New York Times article states, “Senate Democrats believe they’ve found a surefire way to force Republicans to support a sweeping climate and energy bill that directly addresses greenhouse gas emissions.”

How? By using “the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to secure the necessary Republican votes,” of course! The article continues, saying Democratic senators’ strategy “appears to be a plan to anchor the climate and energy effort to widely popular legislation that would overhaul offshore drilling regulations in the wake of the Gulf spill, and then dare Republicans to vote against it.”

The crisis of the BP oil spill will be used to try to grow leviathan even more, probably through Cap and Trade. All the while, the U.S. government doesn’t seem to actually care very much about stopping the spill and its damage.  I say this because people with solutions are being ignored or turned down — as Ron Paul recently noted. Paul also states in the same column that “BP has even been a major lobbying proponent of cap-and-trade because of certain provisions in the legislation it could profit from.”

The NYT article goes on, saying:

Democrats have been attempting to tie the need for sweeping energy and climate legislation to the ongoing BP PLC oil leak since it began, but the new plan appears to go a step further. By including drilling safety reform in the bill, they hope to make the case that a vote against the package is a vote for BP and “Big Oil.”

As with most things that politicians would have us believe, it seems that the opposite is the case.

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