DePauw University Campus Invasion

On August 24th, YAL in Indiana hit the ground running for the 2012 school year.  Before the first week was up at the many of the schools in the state, Indiana’s state chairs were already at an untapped campus trying to kick-start a new chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.

The game plan was simple:  We decided to coordinate our efforts with a YAL member who attended the school and do so on the day of the student activities fair.  Emily Brelage, the student from DePauw, acquired space in the cafeteria, which is essentially the busiest area of campus, and we posted a table near one of the doors and began power-tabling.

Of course, there is always something that has to go wrong.  DePauw red tape requires that anyone who has a table in the activities fair must be an official student organization as approved by the student government.  Thus, while many student organizations were out in a homogeneous blob of students at the activities fair, we were still in the cafeteria with the mass of students lingering just out of reach.

However, fortune was in our favor that day, because it was 90+ degrees.  The student activities fair was undoubtedly very heavily attended that day, but shortly after the students would stop by all the tables in the fair, they would quickly come into the cafeteria to avoid the heat where we would be greeting them with constitutions, OPH material, palm cards, and, of course, a sign up sheet.

It was a very successful day where we filled pages of sign-ups with interested individuals.  The spirit of liberty was alive and well on that campus and YAL looks like it will be the student organization that is able to organize all of the enthusiasm and potential and create a new and strong chapter! There are a whole bunch more pictures after the jump!



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