Destruction of Liberty: Police can use force to compel hurricane evacuation

To take a break from the craziness that is happening in Washington, I found a story that I wanted to share with you. It appears that liberty is being destroyed in the state of Texas, where a new law will allow police to use force to compel you to evacuate your home in the event of a natural disaster.

From the Caller-Times:

A new state law will allow police to arrest people who don’t leave town under mandatory evacuation orders.

As it stands, officials cannot compel people to evacuate, only warn that those who stay behind won’t have any emergency services at their disposal. The new law gives county judges and mayors the power to authorize use of “reasonable force” to remove people from the area.

The law, passed this year, takes effect Sept. 1, in the heart of hurricane season in Texas. It also applies to other disasters, such as fires or floods.

Now most people would think of this as a good law; they might say that it will “save people’s lives.” However, the flaw with that logic is the government shouldn’t have the right to forcefully remove you from your property. If someone chooses to stay behind and protect their homes, they have a natural right to do so. This is a personal choice with which government should not interfere.

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