DHS Teachers Embrace Collectivism

As a student at Dixon High School, which is located in the rather conservative community of Dixon, CA, I never expected to see collectivism so boldly embraced by faculty members.  

Today, Friday, Dec. 11th, I had the amazing pleasure of arguing with a biology teacher who had the audacity to say, “There should be no individualism.” A biology teacher looked straight at me and said that, her words ringing in the empty classroom with a slight pitter-patter of rain from outside. The statement was provoked after a relatively lengthy argument about a disciplinary issue that had faced the bureaucrats in the school administration.

I serve as a representative in DHS’s Leadership assembly, and this week was supposed to be a school-spirit week that ended was to end as all school spirit week — with a rally at the end. However, two students got in a fight on Thursday, the day before the rally, and the rally, in a knee-jerk decision by the administration, was cancelled. The Leadership Assembly had been planning the event for a month and a half and was therefore very indignant, however the YAL@DHS actually did something about it.

We got together and wrote a petition to reinstate the rally and after a half hour of signature collecting took the petition to the principal with about 80 signatures. So the natural argument began to sprout that the student body felt that it was unnecessary to punish the entire student body for the bad actions of two individuals. This is what started my argument with the poor, confused biology teacher.

Dixon High is ready now, and the students are about to find out. It’s time for what Jared Fuller so aptly branded, “A Revolution on the Battlefield of Ideas.”  It’s time for social revolution against the institutions that indoctrinate our fellow man to not be able to think for himself.

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