Disarming the Peasantry

As someone who has never owned, fired, or even held a gun, I find reassurance in the fact that I nevertheless have recourse to a means of self-defense should the need arise. Moreover, I like the idea of living in a country where the designs of an overly-zealous State are kept in check (at least in theory) by a well-armed citizenry.

The State, of course, hating challenges to its own power, harbors an inveterate hostility towards gun-ownership rights, a hostility most recently manifested in this country in H.R. 45, sponsored by Black Panther-turned-congressman Bobby Rush. The purpose of H.R. 45, otherwise known as the Blair Holts Firearm Liscensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, seems to be merely to make it even more difficult for guns to get into the hands of those who are inclined to obey the law, while providing a pretext for increased State interference in the private affairs of citizens.

Over at lewrockwell.com, you can read a piece by Michael Gaddy regarding measures such as H.R. 45 and the general character of those individuals, such as Bobby Rush, who so enthusiastically promote them: read it here.

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