Disaster relief: Beat the government to it

This post was originally intended for my Facebook friends in Alabama, however, everyone who advocates liberty and non-compulsory forms of assiting your fellow man can find a way to assist or support those recently devastated by the tornadoes in Alabama and the southeast.  As those who hold true the principle “that voluntary action is the only ethical behavior” let us constantly be mindful of those in need around us.  This has been a widely abused sentiment used to expand the role of government with perilous consequences to our economy and civil liberties.

I wanted to take some time to remind everyone as the semester winds down — and you have time to do something besides stress over exams — to consider investing some time in the Alabama (and surrounding states) tornado relief efforts.  This is the perfect opportunity to invest in your community and demonstrate your commitment to a more peaceful and prosperous society.

 I know that many of you are already participating in the relief efforts. Awesome! I can’t wait to join you in a few weeks! 

 It is likely that it will take several months (probably even longer) to complete clean-up and relief efforts.  Remember that there are dozens of smaller communities beyond Tuscaloosa and Birmingham who need as much help as the major cities and may tend to be overlooked by people seeking to volunteer.

Remember that certain groups such as the elderly and terminally ill can be overlooked in these crises.  Consider volunteering to deliver meals to those who are immobile.  Additionally, lost pets also tend to be ignored until too late.  Imagine what reuniting a family who has lost everything with a missing pet could feel like.   So don’t forget about the furballs if you happen to be out volunteering!  This Facebook group has been set up to post pictures and info about lost and found pets in disaster areas (with good results!).  Learn more on the related blog here.

 Finally, many people are posting reminders to volunteer wisely so that your efforts and resources are most efficiently utilized.  Be mindful of which donations and where volunteer efforts in different areas are most needed.  The following website has a very comprehensive list of ways to Give, Donate & Volunteer in various areas (broken down by cities/regions); please consider sharing this guide to how you can help.

 Thanks for reading and good luck with the end of the semester activities!  I look forward to being back in AL shortly!

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