DiscoverFest Recruitment Drive at Cal State Fullerton

Following a very successful spring semester, YAL at Cal State-Fullerton is looking to carry the momentum over to the fall beginning with our initial recruitment drive at DiscoverFest.  DiscoverFest has proven to be our chapter’s most successful recruitment event each semester where all of the organizations on campus set up tables and booth in the quad.  The event took place over two days and students were excited for the beginning of the new school year.

 CSUF YAL's table for Discoverfest

With help from The World’s Smallest Political Quiz, people were eager to see where they fit on the ideological spectrum.  As always the Operation Politically Homeless kit created much interest in our table opening the way to talk to people about the idea of liberty and what YAL does on our campus and to encourage student to sign-up to remain informed of upcoming events. 

Students who showed interest in liberty were given their own copy of After the Welfare State compliments of the Atlas Society.  There were plenty of students who came up to the table who had heard of our group from the events we put on last semester (particularly from our front page coverage in the campus newspaper of our forty-foot debt wall), and wanted to discuss issues that were on their mind. 

Patrick tabling at DiscoverFest

Members from the Economics Club repeatedly came to our table to find out more information about YAL, and discovered a new (to them) school of economic thought known as the Austrian School.  These students who had been mostly taught by Keynesians were given literature about free markets including After the Welfare State, “I, Pencil,” a brochure entitled “Why Austrian Economics Matters,” and a copy of The Morality of Capitalism

Overall, it turned out to be another successful DiscoverFest at CSUF for YAL getting 52 new sign-ups.  We also had 8 new members attend our first meeting of the semester, all very enthusiastic about spreading the message of liberty on campus at Cal State-Fullerton.            

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