Dissecting Obama’s Inauguration Speech

President Obama’s Inauguration speech was not very comforting to me (not to mention pretty boring; I almost fell asleep in class) and I would imagine that many other liberty minded individuals felt the same. A friend of mine recently finished up an article that dissects and interprets what the ideas touted in Obama’s speech really mean for America.

“On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.

“We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.” (Italics added for emphasis)

Let us break down what this means. Hope is the pragmatist’s key word. Since Obama believes that there is no way of knowing what will happen in any scenario, the people must hope for the better. This is under the assumption that cause and effect isn’t a part of reality, that you can’t measure a theory on its logical application to reality. “How?” is not in the pragmatist’s vocabulary. He feels that the ends will justify the means, somehow.

You can read the full article here.

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