Disturbing Trends Continue for NATO Airstrikes

At least 14 civilians have been pronounced dead, including eight children, in yet another round of NATO airstrikes in the Khost Province of Afghanistan this week.  This incident follows a similar event on Tuesday, where as many as 11 civilian deaths were attributed to NATO strikes. 

For a president who received the Nobel Peace Prize, it is disheartening to see such warrantless aggression take place almost a decade after the September 11th attacks.  The concept of ‘blowback’ is no better epitomized than with the recourse of events like these.  As the global financial downturn continues, the American citizenry can be assured that US foreign policy is relentlessly destroying families and villages in the name of fighting terrorism. 

As if one bomb-blasted province in one country is not enough, NATO strikes continue to unfold in Libya as well.  Despite very little support from the American public regarding US involvement in Libya, President Obama refuses to back down — addressing the conflict’s growing criticism as distracting “noise.”  One can only hope that the president heeds the warnings of common sense before it is too late.  Sooner or later retribution will find itself on the shores of America — bringing with it a new round of security measures the likes of which Orwell himself would not have dreamed plausible.  

To the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the 2008 US Presidential election I say:  With Bin Laden dead and most of the Middle East on its knees, “war is over — if you want it.”  It is such a shame that you do not.  

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