Do As I Say, Don’t Do As I Do

Does anybody remember the various signs, posters, etc. during 2007 calling Obama an empty suit?  Now, I’m not putting the blame completely on him, but, honestly, how can we continue to be a nation that follows the grandiose speeches of a man who continually goes 180 on nearly every promise given during his campaign?  Of course, this is no new characteristic, but usually people at some point will at least recognize that they’ve been had.  Not Obama’s supporters…oh no….oftentimes when I’ve talked to Obama supporters I felt like I was talking to a Bush supporter: stubborn and ignoring the facts.

However, I will say that, where I first thought Obama was doing the wrong things becasue he was corrupt, I now think he does the wrong things because he’s just plain ignorant.  He and his staff of magnificient, Keynesian blockheads continue to ignore simple economic truths and pursue an eventual damnation called their economic policy.  We all know this, but my real question (and this isn’t rhetorical, I seriously am wondering this) is:  How does a man who has such a strong misunderstanding of economic principles become the controller of our economy (thus furthering his control of our lives)?  I don’t know.  Maybe when Peter Schiff and Rand Paul get into Congress we can get some educational material going…God knows the politicians of our country need it more than our children do.

For a further commentary on such matters I turn you to Peter Schiff.

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